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 Farming Guide

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PostSubject: Farming Guide   Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:51 pm

Hello guys this is Tip here with a guide to farming. This will be a money making guide only, not for experience. The best money making that never fails is done with farming herbs. You can look on the Runescape Guide by clicking on the skill "Farming" and see that you cannot start farming herbs until you reach level 9 in the skill. So, to get to lvl 9, simply rake weeds off of all farming patches all over Runescape (areas you can access of course). Each weed gives you 4 experience and there are 3 weeds per patch which gives you 12 experience per patch. With 4 patches being in each area, you get 48 experience per area you rake, which will quickly put you at 9 Farming. Once you reach 9 Faming you can start farming guam herbs.

There are only 5 patches in Runescape that you can plant herbs in and they are located: West of the Ectofuntus, North of Draynor, North of Ardougne, North of Catherby Bank, and Northwest of Trollheim

...To be continued
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Farming Guide
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